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Kids GPS watch-Communicate with you children using the wmk Tracker APP.

The kids GPS watch is a wearable phone and locator for kids, designed with parents in mind — giving them the peace of mind they crave, while providing kids the freedom they need to be kids. Smart Tracker keeps families connected in the way they want to be without the need to buy a young child a digital watch

wmkTracker APP

Stunning functions of security guard GPS tracker watch.

  • GPS +LBS +WIFI positioning
  • SOS function, two way communication
  • GEO fence
  • Anti-drop alarm
  • Low-battery alarm
  • Real time tracking
  • Tamper alarm
  • Monitoring call
kids phone watch


gps tracking watch


At the bottom of the kids GPS watch embedded optical sensors,whether perceived from the child’s wrist watches in accordance with the principle of light perception,Push to their loved ones phone.


Use GPS+WIFI +LBS base station positioning technology, Achieve all day real-time location tracking, More accurate positioning than 99% smart watch of the market.

gps watch
gps watch kids

3. SOS button for helping

Encountered emergency situation,Press SOS button to send out the distress message to guardian.

4.Remote monitor:

Much more sensitive microphone,monitoring all the sound around the device when emergency happened.

kids gps
gps kids watch

5.Electronic Fence:

When open this function,It will set a zone auto,When will be centered on the watch,Once out of the zone,it will be alarmed by APP and SMS.


3 pieces family numbers help kids to communicate with their families freely, More saver,more convenient.

gps watches for kids
child gps watch

7.Bluetooth Anti-Lost:

When taking the kids out,After you connect the Bluetooth,You will give the kids more space,and at the same time keep the children in the light of sight.

8. Scrabble:

It will be more power saving when the GPS is closed.

kid gps watch
gps watch for kids


Health body is the basic of everything,The pedometer is your health assistant,It can calculate your running distance and consumption.

10:History Route:

Route Comprehensive in three month any where all the time.

kids gps watch